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Seafood is any sort of sea daily life viewed as food by humans. Seafood prominently includes fish and shellfish.

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one. on a ship and clear of land. He continues to be at sea for four months. ter see في البَحْر، في عُرْض البَحْر на плаване em alto mar na moři auf See til søs στη θάλασσα, εν πλω en alta mar merel در سفر دريايي merellä en mer בַּיָם הַפָּתוּח समुद्र पर na moru, u plovidbi a tengeren van berlayar á hafi úti in mare 航海中で 항해 중 jūroje jūrā berlayar op zee til sjøs, på havet na morzu د سمندری سفر em alto mar pe mare в море na mori na morju na moru till sjöss อยู่ในเรือและห่างจากพื้นดิน denizde, seferde 出海,在海上航行 у відкритому морі جہاز پر، زمین سے دور trên biển 出海,在海上航行

seaweed Seaweed is a free colloquial term which lacks a proper definition. Broadly, the time period is applied to the larger, macroscopic varieties of algae, versus microalga. Examples of seaweed teams are classified as the multicellular red, brown and green algae.[forty two] Edible seaweeds typically contain significant amounts of fibre and, in distinction to terrestrial crops, include an entire protein.[43] Seaweeds are made use of extensively as food in coastal cuisines all over the world.

The majority of the seafood harvest is eaten by human beings, but a big proportion is utilised as fish food to farm other fish or rear farm animals. Some seafoods (kelp) are applied as food for other plants (fertilizer). In these approaches, seafoods are indirectly applied to create further more food for human usage.

A 2013 review by Oceana found that one particular 3rd of seafood sampled from America was incorrectly labelled. Snapper and tuna were particularly prone to mislabelling, and seafood substitution was the commonest sort of fraud.[sixty two] These techniques can damage each the people' wallet and pose health and fitness dangers.

There even was a recipe where this would take place in garo, from the sauce. At the start of the Imperial period, even so, this customized abruptly arrived to an end, which is why mullus while in the feast of Trimalchio (see the Satyricon) can be shown as being a characteristic with the parvenu, who bores his company with the unfashionable Exhibit of dying fish.

Edible sea crops, including some seaweeds and microalgae, are extensively eaten as seafood around the world, especially in Asia (see the class of sea vegetables). In North The united states, Despite the fact that not generally in the uk, the expression "seafood" is prolonged to contemporary h2o organisms eaten by humans, so any edible aquatic existence could possibly be broadly generally known as seafood.

Fish and shellfish have a natural inclination to focus mercury within their bodies, usually in the shape of methylmercury, a remarkably poisonous organic compound of mercury. Species of fish which have been superior within the food chain, for instance shark, swordfish, king mackerel, albacore tuna, and tilefish have larger concentrations of mercury than Some others. It's because mercury is stored in the muscle tissues of fish, and whenever a predatory fish eats A further fish, it check here assumes all the system stress of mercury while in the eaten fish.

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three. a particular state of the sea. mountainous seas. see حالَةٌ مُعَيَّنَةٌ من البَحْر езеро mar moře der Seegang bølgegang θάλασσαmar meri درياچه merenkäynti mer יָם - određeno stanje mora tenger laut haf mare 波 (~ 상태의) 바다 jūra jūra gelombang zeesjømorze درياب mar mare море a lot more morje additional sjö, sjögång แห่งทะเล dalga 特定狀態中的海 хвилювання на морі سمندر کی قسم یا حالت hồ nước 海(域)

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in the direction of The ocean; from the land. The yacht remaining the harbour and sailed seawards. seewaards نَحْو البَحْر към морето em direção ao mar na širé moře seewärts mod havet προς τη θάλασσα, μακριά από τη στεριά hacia el mar mere poole رو به دريا merta kohti vers le big הַיָמָה समुद्र की ओर u smjeru mora tenger felé menuju laut að sjó, til sjávar (verso il mare/largo) 海の方へ 바다로 jūros website link, tolyn į jūrą uz jūru; jūras virzienā; jūrā arah laut zeewaarts mot havet/sjøen, sjøverts ku morzu دسمندر لوري، دبحر په خوا: غوړيدلى سيند em direcção ao mar în larg к морю na šíre a lot more proti (odprtemu) morju okrenut ka moru mot havet ออกสู่ทะเล denize doğru 航向大海,駛離陸地 до моря سمندر کی طرف về phía biển, theo hướng biển 向海(航行)

Usually, freshwater fish lend by themselves to fish farming additional easily compared to the ocean fish, as well as bigger A part of the tonnage claimed listed here refers to farmed fish.

S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched regulation in the United states demanding the use of a time temperature indicator on selected refreshing chilled seafood products and solutions.[49]

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